Monday, September 6, 2010

Petting Zoo Expanding, Welcome Hammy!

Hey Everyone, we have a new addition to our free petting zoo, Hammy the pot bellied pig. He is almost a year old and seems to get along with everyone so far. Come by anytime to say "hi". Remember we always have eggs and honey, and right now we have all-natural, pasture-raised frozen chicken for sale.


genbenson said...

Piggy is very cute! I see in your pics that the horse and donkey are near the rest of the animals in the petting zoo, but i was there earlier this week and they were WAY in the back. Are they part of the "zoo"? Also, is little Star sick? She was off by herself in the dog run and not looking so hot :( Bought some honey, it's delish

The Stonehedge Farm said...

HI- I am your newest fan- Please come and see my Donkeys and become my follower too. I am enjoying all your pets.

Run Dog Run Farm said...

Sorry, I just saw these comments! The donkey and horse are not part of the petting zoo. We do have a few new animals including, shetland sheep, goats, ducks and a curly feathered goose. Star is doing great! she was kind of a runt when she was little, but is big and healthy now.

And thanks Stonehedge Farm!