Friday, June 19, 2009

Fresh Veggies and Fruit!

We've been getting our first produce of the season, strawberries and lettuce. We have a large garden and will be selling fresh veggies throughout the season. Some veggies that will coming up soon: peas, spinach, string beans and tomatoes. Stop by the stand at 328 American Legion Hwy, Westport, MA.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spring is here!

Signs of Spring have arrived in full force!  Our garden has taken off and is looking great.  We have planted a wide variety of veggies this year including, sweet corn, summer squash, peppers, onions, Tomato's, Basil, Peas, Green Beans, strawberries and a few others.  We will have some of the veggies for sale at our stand where we  have the fresh eggs and honey available.

We recently purchased a new flock of young hens, and plan to purchase another young flock this coming week.  The birds are just starting to lay, and will produce smaller eggs.  They obviously taste the same, and are raised the same, just small!  They are great for children or someone watching their diet.  They are great  served as appetizers!

Remember our Doggy Playdates, every Saturday 1-3.  Bring your four legged friend out for some off leash running.   Lots of fun for all, and free coffee!

Enjoy Spring!
Run Dog Run Farm 
Westport, MA