Friday, May 8, 2009

Goldie's the Hero

Yesterday, while playing out in the yard with the kids, a Very Large Pit bull runs up to our gate. I send Chad up to investigate, calling the kids back further into the yard not wanting any trouble from the new friend who arrived.  The Pit bull was obviously nervous, and as Chad approached him he ran behind our van.  Suddenly he came Running full speed and straight out of our yard, and who was right behind him, Goldies.
Later that night we went for a walk, on our way back it began to rain, and we began to run.  As we took a corner, we come face to face with our new friend, Again!  He again ran down the road and we called Animal Control.  We lost track of him on 177, but really hope he made it to his family. 
Best of Luck Mr. Pitt Bull 

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Sparkly Susan said...

Hi guys, it's me your friend Sue. If you don't publish my comment, I won't mind. I found this when I searched the Fall River Herald for Pit Bull. I'm having a bit of trouble with a stray pit bull myself. I don't want to muddy up your nice blog with anti pit bull propaganda. It's my belief that stray pit bulls are a serious danger as they are a run off from a rampant dog fighting problem. Was he neutered? Did he look like Reno? Can you find out what happened to him? Dangerous dogs that actually fight are being picked up and placed up for adoption everywhere. I might sound crazy, but I'm doing serious research. There are tens of thousands of living breathing fighting pit bulls in this country, brought into the world with one purpose. They get loose because there are too many. See if you can find out what became of Mr. Pitt? I'm curious.